Riscaldatori elettrici industria petrolchimica

Petrochemical / oil industry uses petroleum or natural gas as raw material. The main goal is their refining in order to obtain correlated products.

resistenze elettriche industria petroliferaPetrochemical products can be contained in the raw material and, in this case, petrochemical process concerns their extraction. Otherwise, and this is the more common situation, petrochemical industry necessarily involves the chemical transformation of hydrocarbons which are in petroleum or in natural gas, or they can be created during petroleum refining.

Heating the product can be necessary during these processes because normally it can be viscous and/or semisolid if it is not heated. In these cases there is the necessity of electric heaters for petrochemical industry ELMITI, which are:

  • Immersion heaters
  • Band heaters
  • Drum heaters
  • Heating cables

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