Resistenze elettriche industria farmaceutica

Pharmaceutical industry is the economic sector which collects all research, production and  commercialization activities of drugs for human and veterinary medicine. It is one of the most important business in the world.

Riscaldatori elettrici industria farmaceuticaThis sector takes care of the manufacturing of chemical-pharmaceutical products and of the elaboration of preparations for medical purpose. Among the production processes, highly automated, there is the production of dosed drugs, as for instance pills or capsules, drugs for oral administration, injection solutions and suppositories.

Other preparations are oral, as candies or aerosol; nasal, oral and eyes drops or creams like skin ointments or lotions.

Our company is well-known in this sector for its high quality and liability. Some of our customers are really important companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

ELMITI srl produces a big range of electric heaters for the pharmaceutical sector, which is a 360 degree working sector, from the transformation to the packaging of the end product.

Resistenze elettriche farmaci

Electric Heaters for the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Finned heaters
  • Heating batteries
  • Immersione heaters
  • Cartridge heaters
  • Band heater
  • Thermocouples and thermoresistances

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