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Wind plants are technologic systems made up of a wind generator which transforms wind kinetic energy into electric energy.
The wind turbine is made up of a rotating blade which represents the “system’s sail”; the blades are like a barrier opposite to the wind and the wind power forces the blades rotation with the kinetic energy. (energy created from the blades movement).
Wind turbines are built on a tower whose height is proportional to the blades size and to the installed power, in order to avoid turbulences created from obstacles like trees or hills.

Often the wind plant interruption is necessary for different reasons as maintenance, bad weather or excess production.
The restart of wind plants is not expensive and for this reason the stop of the blades is more suitable when it produces excess energy. On the contrary with solar systems it is better to collect surplus energy than stopping the plant.
For this process our products are necessary:
Heating batteries, wind turbine braking systems, which absorb the created energy and stops the turbine.

Our heating batteries ELMITI are customised according to the wind plant size.