As every wine producer knows, temperature is one of the decisive factors in wine fermentation. Alcoholic or primary fermentation transforms must in wine and it is followed from the malolactic or secondary fermentation, which provides biologic maturity and stability to the wine.

There are different ways of obtaining temperature control : with air-conditioned tanks or by regulating the room temperature through an air-conditioning system, or through heating coils or heat exchangers.

Resistenze elettriche enologia

Sometimes these systems cannot be used for practicality reasons or for economical causes.

Our company, manufacturer of electric heaters for 35 years, after having received several inquiries from wine producers, has developed a range of specific products in order to provide a solution against heating problems for different types of tanks, from barriques or small vats to big tanks.

The main problem was the heating of wine without “cooking” it. Our electric heaters are projected with a really low power/surface ratio which permits to have, with normal conditions, a max contact temperature of 40°C also without control on the sheath.

There was the need of manufacturing a strong and reliable product which could work in difficult conditions and we have chosen materials and manufacturing projects which have permitted us to reach this goal. Together with the quality of the product and a cooperation with the end users, we succeeded to solve all the problems.

We can finally affirm to have created a satisfactory product which is leader in this sector and which completely satisfies all our customers needs.