A finned surface (finning) is a wall having an internal and an external surface with different areas: this permits a faster heat exchange. Air has a low thermic exchange coefficient and, in order to increase it, it is necessary to employ an extended exchange surface.

It is used when there is the need to optimize the exchanged heat between two different environments with different temperatures.

We can offer different types of finned electric heaters with a tube diameter of 10 mm and an external finned diameter of 22mm. We can use a AISI 304 strip 6×0.4mm with internal tube of diameter 16mm and an external/finned with diameter 34 using an AISI304 or zinc-coated strip 9×0.4.

Wit reference to our finned electric heaters we have a big range of semi-finished products (REDAR ø 10/22 and LOVAR ø 16/34) and we can also produce customised heaters.